Marriage Wisdom Through the AgesDr Rhonda Fine

Marriage Wisdom Through the Ages


Be 100% committed to your marriage and family. Intend to be a role model for your children and teach them through example how to love honor and respect.


Be loyal, respectful, protective and supportive of your spouse. It fosters commitment and prevents feelings of rejection.


Value yourself! You cannot expect your spouse to “give you happiness or a sense of validation”. Have your own interests and develop your talents. Never let yourself go. Look your best as often as possible.


Always be on the same team, camaraderie creates chemistry.


Communicate, compromise and always act with good intensions.  Confidence will give rise to a feeling of security.


Agree to disagree. Differences will present themselves. Conflicts should be negotiated. There does not need to be a winner or loser. Learn how to forgive and always move forward.


Preserve self-esteem by not being judgmental or abusive. Only destructive behavior can result from feelings of fear and rejection. Never embarrasses your spouse in public.


Pick you battles – acquire perspective. Being grounded in reality will protect you from falling prey to unrealistic expectations, anger and resentments.


Strive to make your spouse proud of you and your family, your home and the life you have built together. Make a date to update the family photo album and discuss each picture.


Share common interests and value quality time. Create opportunities to have fun and make each other laugh. Watch less television dance more.


Be devoted to having unhurried meals together, seek to make them a celebration, this is your time to connect: decorate, evaluate, plan and bond.


Show signs of affection. Kiss hello and good-bye. Hold hands. Never let a day go bye without a really good heartfelt hug. Flirt as often as possible. Schedule date nights, sex and plan surprises. Never use sex as a weapon.


Be Indispensable. Little things mean a lot.


As often as possible foster intimacy it’s the gift that keeps on giving.