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Professional Career Contributions

Sexual Satisfaction Over 40

Television interview with Cynthia Demos of CBS MIAMI.

Exercising Outside Can Revitalize Workouts

James Burnett. The Miami Herald. Miami, Florida.

Fitness Special

Welcome to Club Med(icine) by Beth Landman. New York Post, pp. 36-37.

Guest Speaker Psychological Issues of Prostate Cancer

Prostrate Cancer Mission, Master of Ceremonies, Michael Putney, Kovens Conference Center, Florida International University. North Miami, Florida.

Radio Interview Intimacy and Cancer

By Marc Henderson of 1080 am WMCU, Miami, Florida.

Radio Interview Intimacy and Cancer

By Marc Henderson of 1080 am WMCU, Miami, Florida.

Guest Speaker – WPBT

Speaking of Women’s Health 6th Annual Conference. Women’s Sexual Health. Plantation, Florida.

International Guest Speaker

Multidisciplinary Approach For Restoring Sexual Function Post Prostate Surgery. The German Society For Social Scientific Research in conjunction with The European Federation of Sexology and The World Association for Sexual Health. Munich, Germany.

Radio Interview Psychological Eating and Weight Management

By Richard Ives, Producer of Tropical Currents, WLRN Radio, Miami, Florida.

Television Interview Psychological Aspects of Eating

By Spero Canton of Comcast Newsmakers. Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About

Psychological Eating. The Miami Herald, by Desonta Holder, p 8. Miami, Florida.

Not So Fast

New York Post by Martha Vataj, pp. 69-73, NYC, NY.

Television Interview Psychological Aspects of Weight Loss

By Bob Mayer of NBC 6. Hollywood, Florida.

The Love Doctor: OK Magazine

Volume 4, Issue 8, by Colleen Di Fonozo, pp. 69-73. Northern and Shell North America LTD. 475 5th Avenue New York City, New York 10017-6220.

Sexual Health by Dr. Rhonda Fine

Beth Moshe News Letter, 2225 N.E. 121 Street North Miami Florida 33181.