Answer by: Dr. Fine



Dr. Fine, which Aphrodisiacs do you recommend, if any, and why?



Ever since the Greek love goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea humans have sought out remedies to fuel desire. There is a diverse menu of food items containing aphrodisiac qualities including almonds, oysters ands wine. These foods and spices, some of which are sexually suggestive, have strong effects grounded in ritual, folklore, prophecy and culture. However, there is little scientific evidence to support these claims.


Let’s use the chocolate theory of love as an example. Dark chocolate contains a chemical called phenethylamine. It is commonly suggested that, phenethylamine, when released into the brain may be involved in triggering neurotransmitters causing sensations of sexual attraction and arousal. However, because phenethylamine is metabolized quickly in the body when ingested orally, concentrations significant enough to cause sexual attraction and arousal are unable to reach the brain.


The Aphrodisiac that I do recommend, a perfect paring for Valentines Day, that will enhance passion, is genuine tender loving care and unconditional love.


Sex is a creative energy so put some thought into an intimate celebration. Seek inspiration from good memories and a commitment to the future. You may even wish to renew your vows and if your partner loves chocolate, by all means.