Q & A – Mother’s Day


Answer by: Dr. Fine




Dr. Fine, my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and all I could think of was a day to myself. To be alone maybe even get a haircut. My husband was quite shocked and told me that wasn’t normal. What do you think?




When children come into our lives a women’s focus quickly shifts toward child rearing. Mother’s are the key family caregivers and there is no such thing as a part time mother. However, mother’s tend to forget that they are part of the family too and that they themselves need to be nurtured.


Even though experts all agree that it is just as important for mothers to take care of themselves, nearly 8 out of 10 fail to do so. One of the biggest categories ignored is a woman’s sense of feeling and looking beautiful. Feeling like a woman ends up being more of a wish than a reality. Guilt is often the largest barrier.


Mothers need to learn how to mother themselves. You need to free yourself of past habits and routines. Change your thinking and embrace your own identity. You will be freer and happier than ever before. Your life will be more abundant filled with love and joy.


Let this Mother’s Day inspire you and your husband to “ put you on the list” of family members that need nurturing.