Sexuality is one of the most complex aspects of the human experience.  A host of psychological and physical factors are almost always intertwined and can impact an individual’s sexuality.  Solving a physical problem may only be half of the battle.  If a sexual problem persists it often leads to anger, frustration, low self-esteem, emotional distance and blame, which in turn can damage a relationship.


Board Certificated Sex Therapists are qualified to treat the same broad range of issues that other therapists treat, however sex therapists have additional advanced training in addressing sexual concerns.  Sex therapy can help you learn to appreciate and have control over issues which may be inhibiting your sexual motivation or performance.  Understanding the root cause is often necessary for a successful resolution.


Because every individual is unique personalized treatment helps each person explore their concerns and restore healthy sexuality.  Sex therapists facilitate a person’s ability to reach their sexual potential.


Sex Therapy is appropriate for individuals or couples that wish to improve their sexual functioning, enhance their sexuality and foster intimacy.  They may be facing relationship issues, have mismatched sexual desires or are experiencing communication problems.  They may simply have questions and are in need of information.  Physical difficulties have a wide range of presentations, which includes a lack of desire as well as erection, ejaculation or difficulty with orgasm. Individuals under go transitions in life that affect their sexuality such as marriage, childbirth, separation, divorce or the death of a spouse.  There are those who have concerns that revolve around their sexual identity and/or sexual orientation. Sadly, there are those individuals who have experienced a sexual trauma.


Ultimately, the goal of sex therapy is to help people learn more about their body and feel at ease with their sexuality while simultaneously promoting intimacy across the life span.