Anger Management Program Miami | Anger Management TherapyDr Rhonda Fine

Anger Management

Dr. Fine’s Anger Management Program teaches you to gain insight into your behavior and understand what is at the root of the anger. Dr. Fine will also assist in developing strategies for coping with anger, as well as teaching you the tools to slow down your emotional reactions and develop new patterns which will allow you to “act and not react” to your world.

Anger is a natural human emotion. Anger is a powerful energy, it propels us into action. While Anger can motivate us to cope, and ward off a threat, unmanaged anger leads one to be out of control. Anger and its fierceness are frightening.

Anger can result from failed expectations, the loss of trust or as a response to something that we perceive as a threat.

The problem usually is not the anger itself but learning to understand where it comes from and what we should do with it. Anger can be a place to hide emotions such as disappointment, rejection, jealously, guilt, hurt, embarrassment, and the resentment that we are not quite ready to deal with.

Anger is very destructive if not understood and managed in healthy ways. Because anger is a secondary emotion it often functions to cover up another emotion it is important to identify the root cause.

Therapy will involve learning and acquiring skills in an effort to understand, take control, and to slow down one’s emotional responses to the destructive patterns and reflexes that are in control.