Emotional Eating Strategies | Eating Disorders MiamiDr Rhonda Fine

Strategies for Emotional Eating

Dr. Rhonda Fine’s individualized mind/body approach to Emotional Eating teaches you the techniques to regain control. You will learn to recognize true hunger, identify and anticipate your triggers, manage your emotions, and handle stress in a healthy way while practicing mindful eating.

Dr. Fine will help you discover why you cannot stop this self- defeating pattern of behavior. You will learn to turn emotions into constructive actions for positive change while feeling in control and relaxed around food.

The large majority of the people that lose weight fail to keep it off. The success of the weight loss usually depended on a diet of denying ones self and an exercise program that did not flow with their lifestyle. After they achieved their goal they quickly went back to their old, sorely missed, relationship with food and inactivity.

Consciously or unconsciously people turn to food for comfort and for distraction. Food allows us to soothe or suppress negative emotions such as anxiety, boredom and loneliness. The pleasure of eating stimulates our bodies to release trace amounts of mood elevating satisfying hormones and neurotransmitters. This reward offsets the negative emotions leading us to consume too much high calorie sweet, salty and fatty foods, as well as leaving us with the feelings of guilt and shame.

Emotional Eating will sabotage any and all weight loss efforts. It is important to deal with the psychological and emotional part of eating. Learning how to identify and manage emotional reactions will free you from using food as a buffer for emotions and enable you to maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve.