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Our Psychological well-being requires that we feel in control of our emotions. When we do not feel in control we feel victimized by our thoughts, feelings, people and our environment. Patterns and triggers of Fear, Anger, and Panic impair thinking. Physical sensations felt within our body are scary and create panic along with and intense feeling of doom. The inability to regulate this scenario creates feelings of weakness, shame and guilt.

Symptoms of anxiety may include the following:

  • Jittery.
  • Jumpy.
  • Can’t handle the littlest things.
  • Desire to run away from life.
  • Tortured by thoughts.
  • Gripped by worry.
  • Body hurts all over.
  • Intestinal symptoms.
  • Sweaty palms.
  • Skin problems.
  • Headaches.

Other Symptoms can include:

  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat.
  • Tightening in the chest.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Hyperventilation.
  • Chest pain.
  • Tingling or Trembling.
  • Hot or cold flashes.
  • Obsessive thoughts.
  • Phobias.
  • Panic attacks.

Anxiety can be a common, normal, and often useful response to life’s challenges and dangers. But in people who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobic Disorder, Social Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder their anxiety levels spin out of control causing psychological and physical symptoms and distress that interfere with their normal every day functioning. At the root of Anxiety is a threat to our stability and security this threat is defined as fear. Therefore, Anxiety can be triggered by a number of factors such as: illness, chemical imbalances, disability, medications, genetic markers, trauma and the environment.

In order for one to replace Anxiety with peace and serenity it becomes necessary for the patient to learn how to recognize their relationship with their emotions as well as learn to regulate their thoughts and feelings, in an effort to “Act” and not “React” thus avoiding spinning out of control. Therapy aimed at empowering one to change their response to anxiety is a must for a healthier perception and a sense of well-being.

A lack of education and prevailing cultural myths often interfere with a person’s willingness to seek help. Since evidence suggests that left untreated Chronic Anxiety can severely restrict a person’s life and can lead to long-term health problems, it is important to treat Anxiety as soon as possible.