Stress Relief Therapy | Stress Management MiamiDr Rhonda Fine

Stress Management

Dr. Fine has had success using an innovative scientifically validated technology to as a solution for Stress Relief. This interactive program, utilizes technology to assist her patients in being able to develop Internal Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Emotional Management Skills.

The HeartMath approach to transforming Worry, Fatigue and Tension has been scientifically validated and successfully applied by people around the world and on five continents in many different environments such as: corporations, hospitals, government agencies, schools, sports, and fitness centers.

This program empowers the patient to Self-regulate, which leads to improved awareness and resiliency. Individuals effectively learn to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and improve Health, Learning, Performance and Quality of Life.

Disorders linked to Stress are widespread in our society. Clinical studies suggest that 50 to 75% of all doctor visits are primarily related to Stress and that in terms of mortality Stress poses a more serious risk factor than tobacco. Stress shortens the life span of our cells.

Stress is a term we use to describe the wear and tear our bodies endure in reaction to everyday emotional tension and pressure.

How we internalize and respond to these pressures: life style changes, illness, financial burdens, rush hour traffic, etc; is the key to avoiding the devastating effects of stress.

Stress affects everyone Physically as well as Emotionally. The American Institute of Stress reports that 90% of all Health Problems can be related to Stress. Enduring Long Term Stress can lead to and agitate health problems such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Weight Gain, Hormonal Imbalance, Sexual Difficulties and will lower you Immune System as well as Accelerate Aging.

Learning how Stress affects you, developing strategies to best handle your stress will make it easier to find solutions.